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PLAAN is the Latin American Architects Association based in The Netherlands. The association is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam since 2013. We regurklarly plan meetings and special events to persue our aims as group:
  • Strengthen the professional position of Latin American Architects in the Netherlands * .
  • Promote the integration of Latin American architecture within Dutch society, especially in the global professional area (work) in the Netherlands.
  • Exchange of information, knowledge and ideas for all professionals interested in architecture , urbanism and landscape of Latin America.
  • Generate professional and academic ties between the Netherlands and Latin America.
  • Contribute to the architectural debate in the Netherlands.
  • Establish a platform for networking and meeting place for members.
The board of directors of PLAAN for the year 2014/ 2015 is conformed by Juan Alonso, Cynthia Markhoff and Valeria Félix