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Cynthia Markhoff is an architect based in The Netherlands with over 15. years of experience in the field of architecture, research and design.Cynthia Markhoff has gained working experience as an Architect effectively for several years in The Netherlands, Argentina and Germany. Through her experience, she has worked on a wide range of international projects and sites which are of strategic business interest, especially dealing with cultural strategies and design, giving form to complex projects, where she could exploit her skills as a main designer. Projects of her subject include urban design and Master planning of new and renewed areas, high-end residential developments, educational and cultural complexes in cities such as, Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, New York, Frankfurt, London and China.

Cynthia is also interested in the close relation between culture and consciousness, nature and artificiality, art and technology. For what she collaborated with known curators and artists like Prof. Ronald Jones, Prof. Laurie Makela, Prof. Simon Starling and artists Shannon Bol and Paola Anziche in topics like Architecture and Media.

Cynthia Markhoff graduated as an Architect in 2001 with Diploma Honors from the University of La Plata and obtained her Masters in Advance Design form Staedelschule Frankfurt. Her works are published and exhibited in several architectural publications. Cynthia has been a Unit Leader at the Riseba Faculty of Architecture and Design in Latvia and assistant professor at the University of La Plata in Argentina. She lectures, juries and conducts workshops in various schools and universities in Spain, Germany, Argentina, Latvia and Serbia.